My husband and I have worked with Rob and Krystle several times this year, both as seller’s and buyer’s agents, and I can recommend them without reservation. We especially appreciated how they worked to ensure we’d get the best price for our properties, both from the sales and purchase sides of the coin. And on every sale, they were great, helping with far more than just the transaction. They’ve handled all the standard paperwork, of course, but they’ve also gone above and beyond to make certain that the homes we sold were in the best condition, photographed beautifully, and staged when necessary. In more than one of the sales, they handled details that made everything easier for us, like minor repairs and cleaning. This was especially important for us, because there were times when we couldn’t be on site to handle those appointments ourselves. Rob and Krystle were also very responsive communicators throughout, listening to all our concerns and answering all our questions. In short, they were great to work with!

Jan Ziegler 


I recently bought my first home through the help of Re-Assurance Homes Real Estate Service. Rob and Krystle were professional, efficient, accommodating, informative,  and expeditious in the home buying process. They asked questions to define the "what" I was searching for and put me in a position to make an informed decision. They were an excellent source of knowledge in regards to the condition of the property and what potential it could have. They  coordinated well with other parties in the buying process. Making the entire event manageable, unintrusive, and successful.

 Eric Einspahr


They say that confession is good for the soul so here’s some confession out of that gate. Before connecting with Rob Martin and Krystle Jennings, I would have been in the camp that viewed real estate agents pretty much as a “seen one, seen ‘em all” kind of people. Before Rob Martin, my real estate transactions were me doing my own research for properties to purchase and when I found the right property, I’d work with the seller’s real estate agent or basically grabbed the nearest real estate agent off of the street to get my deal to the finish line. That was all before Rob Martin and Krystle Jennings. For this most recent home purchase, I also needed someone to market and close on a rental property I owned and help me get a new home as fast as possible in a crazy market where to whisper your intent to sell your home meant you had multiple competing offers in the toughest buyer’s market I’d ever seen. A friend referred me to Rob Martin and Krystal Jennings of Re-Assurance Homes and I felt an immediate sense of comfort and confidence. I knew I could trust them to help me navigate both of my transactional needs… the process of selling my rental property and finding the right new home for me. I can say unequivocally that my instinctive read on Rob and Krystal proved over time to have been spot on. Rob and Krystle found solid comps for my rental property in a difficult neighborhood to price due to the wide variety of recently sold properties, and formulated an excellent selling price. I pride myself in being able to do a lot of “fix it up” myself, but they helped me clean up the property at minimal cost and get it prepped to sell quickly at the perfect price… which it did. They were always available to answer questions and offer sound advice making the process much easier than I thought possible. Looking back, I am still amazed how simple and seamless the process of selling my rental was thanks to their efforts and sound guidance. Next it was time to find my own “new” house. I was nervous because the market was crazy and competitive…. favoring sellers…not buyers. I soon discovered that so many buyers were able to make all cash offers and throw in additional perks that I simply could not match or beat their offers. But Rob and Krystle were relentless in their commitment to find me the right home.  Krystal patiently showed me house after house and we finally made what I thought was a generous offer on a house I really wanted. My offer was not accepted or even countered .By this point, Rob and Krystle had a very good idea about what I wanted in a home. After the huge blow of being denied the house I thought I wanted, they showed me a house I thought was out of my league. I love it and absolutely wanted it. From there, Rob told me what I needed to do to get the house and I chose to follow his advice. I watched him work with and negotiate a deal with the seller’s agent that amazed me. I couldn’t believe I was actually going to get this house! I am confident I nor anyone else could have negotiated the deal Rob secured for me. Success here had everything to do with Rob and Krystle's superb expertise and skill and my ability to listen to their advice and follow it. I have been in the house 3 months now and I could not be happier. I will never use another real estate team. They are without a doubt the finest real estate team Colorado has to offer. 

Cory Bindner


We could not be happier to give a recommendation to Rob Martin and Krystle Jennings at RE-Assurance Realty.   After having know them and worked with them for over 15 years, and buying and selling multiple homes, they have made the process simple and efficient.  They have gone above and beyond for us while educating and providing the best customer service possible.    They are always professional and courteous even during stressful negotiations.  We always felt comfortable asking questions and their knowledge of the market and trends was invaluable in getting top dollar for our sales!!  We will definitely use them for any future home purchases.   

Karen and Mike